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We started Hamptons Aristocrat in the hopes of re-inventing "catered food " by offering an array of Easy Entertaining options in Drop Off format for our clients.  We know better than anyone, that hosting can be stressful, and our mission was to offer a stress-free way to entertain for all styles of events + gatherings from dinner parties to pool parties to family gatherings and special celebrations. 


Combining simple chef prepared dishes with local farm produce we offer an authentic Hampton's experience, and one you can feel good about enjoying with friends and loved ones.  Our food is sustainable, our ingredients are humanely raised, organic, and hyper local when possible! No nitrates, no hormones, not antibiotics, no chemicals, no pesticides!



Create your own menu or select from one of our pre-set signature dinners to host at home with ease! Dishes comprised of local organic ingredients, grass-fed + finished meats, and pasture raised poultry.  Dishes have been put to the test guaranteeing easy reheating + serving!  

backyard Picnics + yacht charters

We work with some amazing local partners who offer unique experience across the Hamptons! These menus are designed for easy entertaining in a larger group setting!  All dishes are designed to be shared at room temperature or cold, so no reheating needed!  Perfect to bring along to the beach or onboard a yacht, great for casual celebebrations and summer parties!


Holiday catering

Of course we are here for you for all your Holiday Catering! Whether we're here to take the whole load off or just offer minimal menu support, we are so grateful to be part of it!  

Our Holiday Menus offer a local approach to authentic holiday dishes. All dishes are offered in a Quart Size (feeds 2-3) and a Half Pan (which feeds 6-8)!

We also offer easy at home Entertaining Holiday packages, think Cocktail Party in a Box style!!

Holiday Menus are available up to 60 days before for easy online ordering!  Join our Mailing List for Menu Updates! 

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